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We are the movers and the shakers, the innovators, the rule-breakers, the leaders, the dreamers, and the why-not questioners. We work hard, play hard, love harder. Bettering and enriching the lives of the businesses we help is what we believe in. With our entrepreneurial spirit, we have the heart it takes to put in the work, tears, and copious amounts of coffee to see brands succeed and thrive. We know that not only will we help make the business owners’ dreams come true and improve their quality of life, but we will also improve the lives of their families. Furthermore, the success of the brand will also directly improve the lives of the business’ employees and their families and trickle down like a ripple effect, making an ongoing impact and leaving a mark forever in the universe. 


We connect the brands we serve to the consumers they serve. It's what we do, and it's why we do it.  





Owner & Founder, Kady Cannon Krambeer is a reality TV personality, public figure, and influencer. After appearing as a main cast member on Season 1 of USA Network's hit reality TV series, Temptation Island, Kady knew she wanted to use her platform to make a difference. 

About The Owner

With her BBA in Marketing from Tarleton State University, she has been doing marketing in the corporate world for the past 10 years and has practiced her entrepreneurial skill sets as a freelancer on the side for 6+ years. Her marketing career started in financial wealth management and commercial real estate and has since had experience in a wide variety of industries ranging from the beauty industry, to software, to construction, and everything in between. She has extensive experience in brand and product launches. ⠀

After her public platform launched by her appearance as a main cast member on USA Network’s hit reality TV show, Temptation Island, she moved to uptown Dallas and quickly surrounded herself with like-minded driven entrepreneurs and business owners developing a support system to set out on her own business venture doing what she loves (and what she's good at).


Not only is she the face of Kannon Marketing Agency, she is the driving force that organizes, manages, and executes the go-to marketing strategy and intricately maps out the marketing plan for each of our client’s specific needs and unique objectives.

About The Owner
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