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Kannon Marketing connects brands, people, and culture in the social, digital, and physical world to generate positive brand awareness and build trend on a national and regional basis with ideal target market, consumers, influencers and trade media. Through powerful and passionate PR angles that catch attention, we know how to get your story told. With nationwide media connections and personal relationships with journalists and connections at some of the largest media outlets in the world, our media relations team at Kannon Marketing delivers game-changing communications results. 

Our services are designed for businesses that want to scale and grow their brands by increasing lead generation, generating buzz, improving brand awareness, building customer trust, establishing online presence, and maximizing their marketing efforts to establish long-lasting connections. 

We build up your brand and create the narrative to positively establish your positioning in the public to grow your audience and skyrocket your growth. By telling your brand's story in a well-crafted way, we add huge revenue-boosting potential to your overall marketing strategy. We understand that the right band narrative has the power to increase the value of our business. Our creative agency uses proven traditional methods combined with modern innovative notions to create the future of your brand and deliver results.


Let Kannon Marketing help you communicate your tailored position, personality, voice and values. 


Story telling with strategic implementation to increase your brand exposure and maximize impactful coverage.


Positive, wide-reaching coverage achieved through a strong, lasting partnerships between your organization and its target media outlets.


We help you plan, launch, and market for a successful interactive event activation to build awareness by engaging directly with your target audience & consumers. Make your next event memorable.


Tradeshow & conference presence, displays, placement, advertisement, and speaking engagements to build credibility, attract and win the attention of industry peers and new clients. 


Professional promotional print materials including brochures, catalogs, postcards, newsletters and sales letters to your target audience to drive response and deliver positive results. 


Big Ideas - Come to Life. Media planning and buying, creative development, strategy and research, and implementation across all channels.

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