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Your brand is one of your most valuable assets to make a strategic impression. It's your entire company image going well beyond just your logo. We help you clarify and develop the best way to showcase your business, communicate your story, create a purposefully formulated brand to soar above the rest.

The human experience and connection is at the core of branding. You can only understand people if you can relate to how they feel. A strong sense of empathy towards your target market can allow you to design a better human experience because you intimately understand how your audience finds meaning and belonging in products and services. You’re always selling a deep rooted psychological need. Not your commodity. Everything that is a visual representation of your business, from colors, patterns, images, and fonts, will lead the brain to a psychological connection. Find out who your target market is to find out what they actually want and what resonates with them.



Marketing includes positioning your products and services so that they are in front of the right people at the right time. How you position your brand in the market place can mean the difference of success or failure. Several factors play a part in this including timing, messaging, public perception, competition, culture, trends, and more. At Kannon Marketing, we are always paving the path to present a crisp, clear answer to the question, "What is the big idea?" The best answers contain something the audience wants, the GOAL via means they didn't expect - the PROBLEM, TRUTH, or CHANGE, or some combination. This answer is the lighthouse to positioning your brand into the marketplace.  


Your brand voice is how you speak to your audience. It is the uniformity in selection of words, the attitude and values of your brand to solidify your vision. It is how you convey your company personality to the external audience. This voice should be recognizable and consistent throughout all media channels. The most effective messaging allows your target audience to arrive at the 'Big Idea' themselves. Kannon Marketing helps you angel your value proposition from an emotional point of view to deeply connect. 



Capitalize on professional logo design that will help you stand out while reflecting the most authentic symbol of your brand. 


Unified messaging and positioning framework around a single tone and voice reflective of your company's purpose and vision


We craft professional and highly visual captivating sales and marketing assets to showcase your products and services including: sales sheets, brochures, booklets, business cards,  and more. 


Beautiful and cohesive presentations, slide decks, and investor decks that impress. 


We design the visual expression of your brand identity. These creative solutions are codified in a style guide providing

guidance on the correct and consistent application of the new brand assets. 


A new brand identity will thrive externally only if it is first adopted internally. We take a deep comprehensive dive into all existing branding including new business forms, signage,

sales and marketing assets, & digital presence. 

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