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Mastering the Viral Wave: How Brands Can Turn TikTok Fame into Long-Term Success

Going viral on TikTok is like hitting the jackpot for your brand.

Sounds like a dream, right? But will you actually be prepared when your big moment happens?

If you can’t handle the sudden massive demand or maintain momentum, going viral can quickly turn from what seems like a blessing, into a curse.

Bouncecurl's recent experience with their Define brush is a perfect example. The company was overwhelmed when its Define brush blew up last month but this video is a great example of how to stay calm under pressure and regain control of the situation.

When overwhelmed by the surge in demand, Bouncecurl's CEO took decisive action, filming an update from the warehouse to inform customers that their orders were being processed and on the way. This reassured anxious customers and built trust. The video got over 500,000 views and earned praise from eager customers.

What sets this video apart?

It establishes a genuine human connection. By doing a selfie style video featuring the CEO and her family, including her new baby at the warehouse with them, Bouncecurl reminds viewers that there are real people on the other side of the screen. Connecting with their viewers in an intimate way. Allowing the audience to get to know the people behind the brand fosters a sense of relatability, community, trust and empathy.

Secondly, the video offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse, a tactic known to captivate audiences. Similar to how day-in-the-life videos are intriguing to creators' followers, behind-the-scenes content resonates with brands' curious audiences. This furthers connection with the audience by allowing them in and showing vulnerability.

In addition, the video's simplicity and authenticity shines through. It prioritizes personality over flashy production or trying to sell anyone anything. This short and sweet "imperfect" video delivers an effective sincere message in under 15 seconds.

Lastly, not only is the brand unapologetic in this video, they maintain a sense of calm with lighthearted narrative. Bounceurl kept the video positive, energic, uplifting and in good spirits while showcasing they are working hard to fulfill orders as fast as they can.

So you've gone viral on TikTok, now what?

Expect a lot of time and work to keep the momentum going. You may want to consider looking into hiring a TikTok expert to help manage your ongoing efforts to keep up with the social demand alone. To extend the success of going viral, it's best practice to respond to as many comments as you can, responding to some comments with videos. The more controversial or discussion invoking the comment is, the better.

Don't slow down just because one video performed well, the more content the better! Just don't reinvent the wheel.

The best thing to do to capitalize on that one video is to just recreate that content. Stick to that same template and content subject and style. You've cracked a code into the algorithm and you've reached the right audience. You've found what works. Stay with it.

One misconception when you're repeating your own content is that it'll get boring and that you need to keep people entertained. However, people like to see what's familiar to them and find it relaxing and safe when they recognize something they've seen before, like your video. Kind of like brand recognition. While you're building on this new found virality, staying consistent in your content will gain a loyal community and build trust.

In essence, mastering the viral wave on TikTok isn't just about the momentary thrill of going viral, but rather about the enduring journey of leveraging that momentum to build a strong, lasting presence. It's a journey that requires dedication, authenticity, and a relentless commitment to connecting with your audience. So, as you navigate the ever-changing currents of TikTok fame, remember: the real measure of success lies not in the fleeting highs, but in the steady climb towards sustainable brand growth.

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